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About far east way

Jiashan YongGu Metal Making Co.,LTD located in JiaShan Town JiaXing City,away from Shanghai 100 kilo-meter(62 miles).Its an enterprise specialized in manufacturing drilling screw.Its core business is producing DIN7504,DIN7981,DIN7984 .

The company"s total area is 10,000 square meter(15 mou),equiped 52 Taiwan made machines and emploed 50 skilled workers.In every month,YongGu production 300 tons small size screw,export to Europe,North America,Australia,etc.

The material of products was annealed;


The production is following route card strictly;


Our products all have check and test record;


Took any ONE self drilling screw (you could pick up any one randomly) for drilling time test, the result is much more better than any other manufacturer in mainland. Once time, our client made a record of 35 times under standard time and range;


The surface treatment working procedure is in Taiwan factory, salt spray test result of product is better than others;

Our products are well liked by many purchaser and company in Europe. We can show you the nearest user of products from you after you accept the price from us.


Facts speak louder than words. After get sample from us, you will rejoice at the quality.

We believe the quality of production is rank top in China.

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